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Transferring Real Operating Concepts Into Virtual Reality for Neurodiverse Learners


    Linh Tuan Mai, David Gollasch, Constantin Boß und Heiko Werdin


    Mensch und Computer 2023

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    Mai, Linh Tuan; Gollasch, David; Boß, Constantin; Werdin, Heiko (2023): Transferring Real Operating Concepts Into Virtual Reality for Neurodiverse Learners. Mensch und Computer 2023 – Workshopband. DOI: 10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws15-408. GI. MCI-WS15: Workshop on Designing Accessible Extended Reality: An Opportunity for People with Disabilities and Disorders. Rapperswil. 3.-6. September 2023


    The application of modern technologies to improve educational environments is required due to a lack of workers, a decline in engineering student enrollment, and insufficient support for students who are neurodivergent. To support high education and career training for neurodiverse learners, this paper investigates the incorporation of real device operating concepts into virtual reality. Various VR implementations of common operating components were compared for immersion and usability. Functional virtual devices with operating components were integrated into a VR education platform and evaluated with both neurotypical and people with ASD. The study results demonstrate high usability for neurotypical users while emphasizing the need for improved graphical quality, user comfort, and the integration of features and techniques that enhance user movements and provide adaptable interfaces for neurodivergent users.

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