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Team Members & Associates

The research project is realized by the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction of the Dresden University of Technology under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Weber. In addition, various actors and institutions are involved in scientific and practical work.

On this page you will find information about the following topics:

  1. Scientific staff in the project
  2. Student assistants in the project
  3. Associates
  4. Advisory Board

Scientific staff in the project

portrait of David Gollasch

David Gollasch, M. Sc.

Computer Science, Research Associate, TU Dresden

Specialization: Human-centered design, diversity sensitivity, software variability, voice interaction

Responsible for: Project management and finance, system architecture, variability, and adaptation concept


portrait of Christin Engel

Christin Engel, M. Sc.

Media Computer Science, Research Associate, TU Dresden

Specialization: UX design, diversity-sensitive design, digital accessibility, tactile graphics, information visualizations, usability studies, automation

Responsible for: Public communication, data protection, requirements research, scientific publications


“It is our social responsibility to design applications in such a way that they can be used successfully by everybody. This is the only way to ensure that inclusion continues to succeed in the future.”

portrait of Jan Schmalfuß-Schwarz

Jan Schmalfuß-Schwarz, M. Sc.

Media Computer Science, Research Associate, TU Dresden

Specialization: Information Visualization, Databases, Computer Supported Collaborative Work

Responsible for: Technology, privacy, system architecture, communication, and stimulus reduction


“We need human-centered, error tolerant, gentle technology that takes into account people’s strengths, but also their weaknesses.”

Gerhard Faber, dt. Informatiker u. Hochschullehrer (translated into English)
portrait of Meinhardt Branig

Meinhardt Branig, M. Sc.

Media Computer Science, Research Associate, TU Dresden

Specialization: information visualization and haptification, tangible UI, digital accessibility, diversity-sensitive design

Responsible for: Public communication, technical organization, and development of tangible UIs for scheduling and task planning


Portrait of Mr. Prof. Gerhard Weber

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gerhard Weber

Principal Investigator


Student assistants in the project

Current Staff

portrait of Danny Schober

Danny Schober

Master Computer Science, 1st semester, TU Dresden


Richard Fuchs

Master Computer Science, 1st semester, TU Dresden


Former Staff

portrait of Hagen Dähne

Hagen Dähne

06.2023 – 03.2024

Bachelor Computer Science, 7th semester, TU Dresden


Associates of the Project

The project will involve cooperation with various organizations and institutions, in particular vocational training centers. The inclusion of the target group as well as other stakeholders is also ensured through co-design, workshops and scientific studies accompanied by an advisory board.

SRH – Vocational Training Center Dresden

Logo Vocational Training Center SRH Dresden

The Vocational Training Center Dresden is established as an independent educational institution in Dresden. Here, young people can choose between 19 training professions from various fields, which is funded as rehabilitation measures by the Employment Agency and others. The vocational training center has specialized in the needs of trainees with various physical and mental impairments and accordingly offers needs-based support at various levels. In addition, an individual rehabilitation plan with individual support activities will be compiled for each person being trained.

As part of the project, intensive cooperation with the vocational training center is planned, especially for requirements analysis. This will ensure the practical development of solutions together with the target group.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is composed of experts and stakeholders who contribute their personal or professional experience and expertise to the project. Various organizations are represented:

  • Dresden Employment Agency, Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation Team
  • Autismus Deutschland e. V. Federal Association for the Promotion of People with Autism
  • B.B.W. St. Franziskus Abensberg
  • autSocial e. V.
  • State Capital Dresden Representative for People with Disabilities/SeniorsautSocial e. V.
  • Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
  • SRH Vocational Training Center Dresden
  • TU Dortmund, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences
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