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Advisory board

Our advisory board is composed of experts and stakeholders who contribute their personal or professional experience and expertise to the project. Various organizations are represented:

  • Dresden Employment Agency, Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation Team
  • Autismus Deutschland e. V. Federal Association for the Promotion of People with Autism
  • B.B.W. St. Franziskus Abensberg
  • autSocial e. V.
  • State Capital Dresden Representative for People with Disabilities/SeniorsautSocial e. V.
  • Munich University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
  • SRH Vocational Training Center Dresden
  • TU Dortmund, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences
1st Advisory Board Meeting: Networking with various stakeholders

1st Advisory Board Meeting: Networking with various stakeholders

advisory board News
The project successfully conducted its inaugural advisory board meeting on November 17, 2023. Our advisory board consists of 10 institutions and individuals engaged in the field of autism in the workplace through various professional, voluntary, or personal capacities. The meeting also included representation from two individuals on the autism spectrum, who offered valuable personal insights into the workplace challenges faced from an autistic perspective, drawing from their own experiences.
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