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The project works in close cooperation with the target group as well as other stakeholders in order to enable needs-based developments. Within this scope, various events, such as workshops, will be organized and carried out during the project. In addition, an exchange in the national and international scientific area always takes place, where we organize or participate in events related to the project topic.

On the following subpages you will find more information about past and future participations of the project in various events.

Logo of the Interact Conference 2023. At the top is an icon with a circle representing a power cable. Inside the circle is a stylized person pulling the plug at the top of the circle, so that the circle is open at the top. Lettering underneath: "Interact 2023 Design for Equality and Justice".

Workshop at Interact Conference 2023

Autumn 2023, York, UK

logo mensch und Computer 2023 - 3.-6. September 2023 Rapperswil, Building_Bridges

Workshop at the Mensch und Computer 2023

September 2023, Rapperswil

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