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Full Paper Contribution Relating to Assistive Technologies for Autists

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    The international conference on human-computer interaction, called HCI International, takes place this year from June 29 – July 4, 2024 in Washington DC for the 26th time. The AutARK team is also participating in this conference with the successful acceptance of our full paper contribution, in order to promote the topic of autism in an international context and to discuss it with the scientific audience.

    Empowering Autists in Vocational Training and at Work through Assistive Technologies

    The article entitled

    “Unlocking Opportunities: Empowering Autistic Adults in Vocational Training and Employment Through Assistive Technologies”

    presents the research results of scientific investigations at a vocational training center at which work shadowing and interviews were conducted.
    Based on these results, factors are derived that may hinder autistic individuals from entering the general labor market. The paper subsequently discusses which of these factors can be addressed through assistive technologies and identifies requirements for developing these technologies. The paper provides an important basis for the development of appropriate technical support systems for autistic people in the work context.

    According to the conference program, the paper will be presented on Tuesday, 02.07.2024 in the session “S168: Transferring Theory into Practical: Designing Accessible Solutions” by David Gollasch.

    Further information on the paper can be found on our website under Publications.

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