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Assistive technologies

Workshop on Designing Accessible Extended Reality: An Opportunity for People with Disabilities and Disorders

    Extended Reality (XR) technologies offer a wide range of innovative use cases and interaction concepts. On the one hand, they provide several possibilities to reduce barriers for people with specific physical or mental needs, e.g., through simulations, gamification, or training scenarios. Individuals with anxiety disorders, dementia, or autism spectrum disorder, for example, may also benefit. On the other hand, it is challenging to design accessible XR technologies for heterogeneous user groups. Therefore, the area of accessible XR as well as adaptation based on users’ needs and contexts, is of high interest and has barely been researched yet. Participants of the workshop are encouraged to discuss both – the major challenges and opportunities in designing XR-based assistive technology for different target groups and scenarios, as well as the accessibility of XR technologies.

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