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Designing Technology for Neurodivergent Self-determination: Challenges and Opportunities


    David Gollasch, Meinhardt Branig, Kathrin Gerling, Jan Gulliksen, Oussama Metatla, Katta Spiel & Gerhard Weber


    INTERACT 2023

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    Review process

    Peer Review


    Gollasch, D. et al. (2023). Designing Technology for Neurodivergent Self-determination: Challenges and Opportunities. In: Abdelnour Nocera, J., Kristín Lárusdóttir, M., Petrie, H., Piccinno, A., Winckler, M. (eds) Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2023. INTERACT 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14145. Springer, Cham.


    Technology for neurodivergent people has been developed in the past to align them with expectations by neurotypical people. Participants in the widest sense are encouraged to discuss the major challenges and opportunities in designing technology for neurodivergent persons in the context of education, work and for leisure. A key focus is to address knowledge acquisition, skill development, and joy from the perspective of a neurodivergent classmate, colleague, or teammates. At higher education institutions, accommodations are not common everywhere and mostly unknown to lecturers. In the workplace, management tools should respond to the requirements of an employee with autism or ADHD. Technology for leisure time is not designed for neurodivergent pleasure. Uptake of the findings are discussed with participants.

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